Impact of Rising Interest Rates Within Housing Market

What to Expect With Rising Interest Rates Prices in the housing market have been rising since March of 2020. While some investors feel that the prices may be too steep, others are taking the plunge. In 2020 and 2021, low interest rates made buying a more expensive property worth the investment. In the end, this […]

Risks of Owning Rental Properties

3 Risks of Owning Rental Properties Even With a Comprehensive Property Management Service Using a property management service is a great way to relieve the day-to-day stress of owning a rental property. This is especially true for owners who live outside the area in which they own property. Property management services can also help with […]

Navigating Material and Labor Shortages

How to Navigate Material and Labor Shortages for Real Estate Flipping in 2022. Right now, the construction industry is facing widespread material and labor shortages. From neighborhood developers to individual home flippers, we are all feeling the impact. So how can a home flipper navigate the current shortage landscape for profitable home flip projects in […]

Remodeling in 2022

The Smartest Renovation Moves You Can Make for 2022     The housing market is a revolving door of change, and what’s considered valuable or popular now may not have been just a few years ago. Simple days of basic renovations are long gone as buyers demand upgrades based on solar energy, smart technology, and […]

Downsizing Your Rental Property Portfolio

There are many reasons you may want to start downsizing your rental property portfolio. You may find out that you got in over your head, and you are struggling to get the day-to-day tasks done. You may also want to start thinking about retiring, so you can enjoy your golden years. Furthermore, you have made […]

Tips for Flipping Older Properties

4 Tips for Flipping Older Properties     Home flipping often involves homes that have seen a few decades and better days. In fact, the best purchases usually involve homes with good bones that have had time to sag and peel over the years. By making these houses both beautiful and cozy again, you can […]

Flipping Homes in Historic Areas

How to Flip Homes with Historic Area Restrictions     Home flipping is an essential way to bring failing homes back into the housing market – a vitally important role with the housing shortage today. One of the biggest challenges for home flippers is working with homes in historic areas with renovation restrictions. How can […]

Checklists for Potential Investment Properties

A Complete Checklist to Refer to Before Putting an Offer on a Potential Investment Property o If you are thinking about putting an offer on an investment property, the most important thing you can do is “run the numbers” first. What does this mean? This translates into creating a spreadsheet of what your expenses will […]

Costly Features in Rental Properties

Four of the Biggest Features in Rental Properties That Lead to Hemorrhaging Money     Owning a rental property can come with hidden or unforeseen expenses. While many property owners factor in things like taxes, HOA or condo fees and insurance, the real cost is the maintenance and upkeep of the property or unit. If […]

Choosing Neighborhoods for Your Real Estate Investment

How to Decide Which Neighborhoods Are the Best Fit for Your Real Estate Investing Strategy. Most people say, “location, location, location” because the location is very important when it comes to investing in real estate. You need to find the right properties in the perfect location at a good price if you want to make […]