Reasons why you Shouldn’t Evict Your own Tenants

An unfortunate part of being a landlord is the fact that sometimes tenants don’t turn out as you hoped that they would. In some cases where you just can’t work things out, this may mean that as a landlord, you need to evict tenants from a property. However, this is not something that it is recommended that […]

Pros & Cons of Duplexes as Rental Properties

    Looking to buy a new rental property? If so, then you may have seen some listings for duplexes and wondered if this could be a smart investment for you. Specifically, a duplex refers to a rental property where a house or building has two units–either side by side or one floor on top […]

Rules for Selecting Tenants

  Looking for new tenants at your residential rental property? If so, then of course you want to find tenants who are reliable and responsible. As you screen your applicants, there are a few key “rules” worth following to ensure you end up with the right tenants for your rental. 1. Follow Fair Housing Laws […]

8 Signs that a Residential Property is a Bad Investment

When you are investing in residential properties, it’s key to look for clues that ensure that your investment will be lucrative one in which you are only able to recoup your money but are also able to make a profit. While it can be hard to just walk into a residential property and determine if a […]

Should I Flip or Renovate My Latest Investment?

Deciding whether to flip or rent out your latest home purchases can be a challenge, even for the most seasoned and experienced real estate experts, Successful flips can often mean heftier sums of money in your pocket ($10,000s+ or more) while rentals mean a steadier, long-term stream of income. Both options are viable options at […]

How Much Money Per House Should Landlords Set Aside for Emergencies?

Inevitably emergencies happen and it’s simply part of and parcel of doing the job. Some emergencies might not be too terribly expensive while others will hit your pocketbook hard. Therefore, it poses an issue to every landlord when they want to figure out how much money to put away for each rental property that they […]

How Much Does Landscaping Matter?

It’s undoubted that the landscaping that is done to a property and the property’s curb appeal will play a significant role in the amount of money that a landlord get from a tenant in terms of what they are willing to pay for rent. Curb appeal means a lot and the cliche “first impressions are […]

5 Ways to Ensure Tenants Change Their HVAC Filters

HVAC is an acronym that all landlords should become familiar with. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC). The HVAC system is that will keep a rental unit cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That means that the HVAC unit has quite a huge responsibility in making your rental unit […]

10 Tips for a Great Open House

Holding a successful open house is key when it comes to helping sell properties quickly and when real estate agents have to turn over properties for their clients. Open housesare when potential buyers see the home and determine if that specific property will meet the needs of their family (and their budget). Putting your best foot forward […]

6 Tips for Determining Your Rental Renovation Budget

When it comes to renovating a rental property, it’s easy to splash out all kinds of excess money on the property without being sure that you will get the money back when you go to the rent the unit out. This is why it’s important to have a renovation budget for the rental unit(s) that you are […]