How to Secure Favorable Home Improvement Loans Amidst COVID-19

If you’re a real estate investor looking to acquire a new property, you probably know that buying a new home is just one part of a big puzzle. You still have a million decisions to make. And one of them is how to secure favorable home improvement loans. The process of getting home improvement loans […]

Guide to Safe In-House Tenant Repairs During the Pandemic

Keeping tenants safe and comfortable in their homes is essential during this coronavirus pandemic. In order for your tenants to safely shelter-in-place, they must have the basic necessities like AC and hot water. If something breaks, you’ll need to be very careful about entering the home to fix it. -Call Ahead to Schedule Your Visit […]

What are Virtual Home Staging Companies?

If you are serious about selling your home, you may want to consider hiring someone to stage your home. However, you may not know what that really means (and entails). So, what is home staging? Home staging is done to make your home look more appealing to buyers. Home staging companies will come into your […]

6 Things Tenants Are Looking for During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Renting your homes during the coronavirus lockdown doesn’t have to be put on hold. People still have plans and schedules to keep, even with the current stay-at-home conditions. Some renters must look for a new rental home during this time, and the best way to draw them to your homes is with corona-aware features and […]

Staging Your Home for Virtual Showings

With COVID-19 affecting nearly every aspect of our lives right now, we have to be innovative in order to keep things running smoothly. This is the same for the real estate business, since people may not be able to go look at potential places to live, and also may not want to in fear of […]

How to Recession-Proof a Multi-Family Property

With everything happening around the world right now, multifamily property investors are having sleepless nights. Everyone is striving to avoid making costly mistakes because there is talk of recession, crashing markets, and real estate bubble bursting. But seasoned investors know a recession is always looming. And they prepare for it on time. So far, we’ve […]

Property Improvements that Lower Your Liability

Maintaining your property isn’t just about increasing revenue, whether you’re planning to rent out the property or fix it up and flip it. In fact, there are many improvements you can make to the property that may simply decrease your liability. Decreased liability is important for several reasons: It can prevent expensive civil fines It […]

Security-Focused Improvements That Protect Your Investment

When purchasing an investment property, adding security-related features will help ensure the safety of the occupants and ensure the integrity of your home. Determining what kind of security features to install depends on the location of the property, the requirements of your homeowners’ insurance and ultimately, how that property will be used by the renters. […]

Why House Flippers Always Emphasize Remodeling the Kitchen and Bathroom

    Spreading the remodeling budget evenly over the entire house seems logical to many new real estate investors. After all, many investment properties could benefit from improvement in every part of the house. Yet, focusing your remodeling dollars on the kitchen and bathroom is a smarter move. Keep Your Endgame in Mind When you’re […]

Tips for Recession-Proofing Your Investment Portfolio

Economic¬†recessions¬†are an unfortunate reality that you have to deal with now and then as an investor. As a real estate stakeholder, you are prone to slumps. More so, when you’re hardly in a position to tell when a recession will hit. However, some insights forewarn future economic setbacks. Accordingly, providing you the opportunity to mitigate […]