Calculating Rental Property Costs

How to Calculate the Cost of another Rental Property     The rise in interest rates has caused a lot of jitters in the real estate market. If you’re a continuing or prospective investor, you may wonder if now is the time to put your investment plans on hold. But before you make any decisions, […]

Tactics to Prevent Real Estate Insurance Premiums from Increases

Top 4 Tactics to Stop Your Real Estate Insurance Premiums From Ballooning     Real estate property owners are faced with unavoidable expenses, such as the cost of real estate insurance. Real estate insurance acts as a security blanket for property owners. The price of real estate insurance is rising, and you may be wondering […]

Outdoor Living Trends

Four Outdoor Living Space Trends Worth the ROI for Rental Property Owners     There’s no doubt about it – outdoor living spaces are popular. According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, nearly three-quarters of homeowners want an outdoor space that they can use all year round. And for rental property […]

What to do if you Purchase a Home at Too High a Price

How to Protect Your Finances If You Purchase a Home at Too High a Price     One of the most significant risks involved in purchasing a second home or an investment property is overspending on the property. It often happens during market peaks when buyers become caught up in the excitement and buy a […]

Letting Tenants Run Side Hustles from Your Property

Should You Let Your Tenant Run a Side Hustle From Your Property?     Before allowing a tenant to run a side hustle from your property, knowing what you’re getting yourself into is crucial. You also need to know the tenant’s rights regarding running a business from home. Is it Illegal for a Tenant to Use […]

Protest Property Taxes

Effective Strategies To Protest Property Taxes for a Rental Property As a homeowner, you may know how to protest property taxes on your primary residence, but how do you go about protesting the taxes on an investment property. This guide will help explain how you can effectively protest property taxes for rental properties. How property […]

Rolling Blackouts

Keeping your Property and Your Tenants Protected From Rolling Blackouts During the summer months, the days get very hot which puts a large strain on the power grid virtually everywhere. But in many places, the strain on the grid can lead to a rolling blackout. While this reality is one that both tenants and property […]

Flooring Replacements

Tips on How Often You Should Replace Different Flooring Materials Many homeowners hardly know the best time to replace their flooring. Some follow strict remodeling rules, while others wait until a tile is missing or their hardwood floor gets warped to replace floors. You can always look for signs of wear, depending on the type […]

Strategies to Ensure Tenants Pay on Time

 Strategies to Ensure Tenants Pay Rent Checks on Time     All landlords crave an ideal situation where their tenants pay rent checks on time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some tenants will likely experience hiccups and fail to make rent check payments on the agreed time. Untimely rent payments can happen severally […]

Flooring Replacements

When To Replace Existing Flooring Based on Materials’ Lifespan     Different types of flooring have different lifespans. Aside from unexpected damage and stains, the material used plays a critical role in determining how long your flooring lasts. Every material differs in longevity and durability. However, the material is just one among various factors that […]