How to Measure ROI on Home Improvements

    Sprucing up your home with a few notable, yet pricey home improvements can be extremely beneficial, but it can also lead to a few unwanted consequences; lucrative home improvements can unfortunately deteriorate over time and ultimately break. However, if the home improvement is done right, it can improve the quality of life for […]

Get Your College Housing Rental-Ready

In many university towns, students are the landlord’s financial backbone. With more than half of all college students living in off-campus housing away from parents, this population represents an opportunity for property owners to keep their university-based rental units consistently occupied. But before you hand over the keys, prepare your properties for the upcoming student influx, and […]

To Buy or Not to Buy – What to do When you Expect a Downswing

Should You Buy a Great Property If You Think a Downswing Is Coming?.   Real estate is just like any other investment. There are good times and bad times, meaning times when the housing market is high, and others when it is low. This can make it hard to decide whether or not you should […]

Why you Should Invest in Move-in Ready Properties

When most people think about investing in real estate, they think about buying homes, fixing them up, and flipping them. However, you don’t have to do that. In fact, you may be able to get away with buying move-in ready homes and still turning a profit. Here are some reasons why you should think about […]

What’s Your Annual Rate of Return? (And Why it Matters)

    The success of any investment can be is about building value onto what you already have. A stock becomes more valuable as it rises in market price, just as an investment home becomes more valuable as you make improvements and the neighborhood price appreciates. In order to calculate how well your investments are […]

Should Your Real Estate Venture be a Partnership?

    Why ask why? If you are considering entering into a real estate partnership, this is the most important factor for you to consider. Why do I need a partner? According to US News, there should be a clear and specific benefit, whether financial or operational. The benefit is often due to a lack of […]

Maximizing Your ROI for Your First Real Estate Investment

    Techniques to maximize your return on investment (ROI) on your first real estate fall into one of two categories. The first is reducing your expenses. Generating the best income for your property is the other. Reducing Your Expenses 1. Minimize financing costs. If you’re purchasing your real estate investment with a loan, compare […]

Updating Your Rental Property on a Budget

    Each time you handle tenant turnover, it’s a good idea to make a few updates to the property. Especially if the decor is becoming a bit dated. Of course, you don’t always have a huge budget for major changes like new flooring or large appliances. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all-out to […]

Maximizing Rental Property Cash Flow

Investing in rental property involves many hopes—for rising rents, a profit at resale. But one inescapable reality of rental property is cash flow. When cash flow is good, many other problems are avoided or minimized. When cash flow is inadequate, you have a problem. Formulas for calculating cash flow are easy to find so we will […]

Best Flooring Options for Your Rental Property

    As you consider flooring options for your property investment, you’re probably trying to strike the right balance between competing needs. You want your flooring option to fit your renovation budget, be durable, and be practical for your type of rental property. Of course, the floor has to look good to be appealing to […]