Property Improvements that Lower Your Liability

Maintaining your property isn’t just about increasing revenue, whether you’re planning to rent out the property or fix it up and flip it. In fact, there are many improvements you can make to the property that may simply decrease your liability. Decreased liability is important for several reasons: It can prevent expensive civil fines It […]

Security-Focused Improvements That Protect Your Investment

When purchasing an investment property, adding security-related features will help ensure the safety of the occupants and ensure the integrity of your home. Determining what kind of security features to install depends on the location of the property, the requirements of your homeowners’ insurance and ultimately, how that property will be used by the renters. […]

Why House Flippers Always Emphasize Remodeling the Kitchen and Bathroom

    Spreading the remodeling budget evenly over the entire house seems logical to many new real estate investors. After all, many investment properties could benefit from improvement in every part of the house. Yet, focusing your remodeling dollars on the kitchen and bathroom is a smarter move. Keep Your Endgame in Mind When you’re […]

Tips for Recession-Proofing Your Investment Portfolio

Economic recessions are an unfortunate reality that you have to deal with now and then as an investor. As a real estate stakeholder, you are prone to slumps. More so, when you’re hardly in a position to tell when a recession will hit. However, some insights forewarn future economic setbacks. Accordingly, providing you the opportunity to mitigate […]

Pros and Cons of Pier and Beam VS. Slab Foundations

Introduction These two types of foundation are common in different states. Their structural integrity depends on a number of factors including the home’s age, the ground on which it stands, the general area, and recent severe weather. Let us look at each type. 1. Pier and Beam (aka Raised Foundation) This foundation is built on […]

ROI for a New Fence

    Whether you’re buying and flipping a home or investing in a new property, it’s important to understand different ways to maximize your financial stake. One of the most common things that people examine when looking at a property as a buyer, renter, and investor is the condition of the structure. Yet, before one […]

Who Should Walk Through a Potential Property Before You Buy It

Wise Investing You see the right potential property for the right price in the right place. You decide to write an offer on terms that suit both your immediate and long-term investment goals. Unless you are an experienced general contractor, it will pay you to get expert opinions on major elements of the property. There […]

Common Code Violations Found in Older Homes

When looking at older houses that appear to be good candidates for buying and flipping, real estate investors have to be careful. After all, you’re going to be doing home repairs or having them done on your behalf. As such, you need to be aware of the different common code violations that are frequently discovered […]

Recession-Proofing Your Investment Portfolio

Since 1950, the US economy has suffered 9 major recessions. All recessions were preceded with an inversion of the yield curve for the US treasury bonds.  The yield curve is the spread between short and long-dated treasury bonds. An inverted yield curve is an indication that the short term rates are higher than long term […]

Recession Proofing 101

Introduction Recession occurs in a business when there is a decline in economic activity. It causes a decrease in incomes, sales, and production. Due to these reasons, it is important to come up with strategies to prevent and solve recession in order to retain and attract more investors. These strategies are called recession proofing strategies. […]