5 Tips to Help Prevent Rodent Infestations

Besides the threat of diseases, rodents can cause property damage and scare away potential tenants. In some cases, you may also be liable to litigation and lawsuits from your tenants if there are rodents present.  As a rental property owner, below are tips to help control any infestation.

1. Make It a Joint Affair

Keeping rodents away should be a joint affair. Educate your tenants about the following ways of controlling rats and mice.

• Ensuring trash cans remain closed
• Notifying you about the presence of rodents or standing water as soon as possible
• Cleaning their units regularly
• Throwing away garbage regularly
• Refrigerating or storing food in tightly sealed containers

2. Cleaning Common Areas

Having food remains and debris attracts mice and rats. Keeping common areas clean will protect your rentals from rodent infestation. Moreover, you will cushion yourself from liability and eventual fines from the health department. Be sure to sweep or vacuum communal areas at least twice a week.

3. Seal Gaps in the Structure

Thirdly, check for cracks and crevices inside and outside your rentals. Seal any gaps in the foundation, around windows, doors, pipes, vents, attics, and crawl places. Remember to also inspect the basement.

4. Remove Clutter

Destroy rodents’ hideouts and nesting areas by decluttering the perimeter. Get rid of weeds, trim hedges, and destroy bushes. Also, do not leave piles of logs, wood, or compost near your property.

5. Exterminate

Respond to complaints from your tenants regarding the presence of rodents in a timely manner. Similarly, you could notice the presence of mice and rats. Act quickly and get rid of them through traps. Alternatively, you can hire extermination services.

Final Thoughts

Seeing as though rodents are agents of disease and property damage, you should do all you can to keep them away from your rental property. You end up keeping maintenance costs low by following the above tips. Also, this is one of the secrets to making sure your property remains attractive to prospective tenants.