Making Stairs in Your Rental Safer

Landlords renting out two-story properties must keep the safety of the tenants in mind when it comes to dealing with the stairs. The safer the stairs are, the more comfortable tenants will feel in their home. Keeping tenants safe is the utmost priority for landlords. Keeping the stairs in your rental safe is a great way to start safety-proofing your rentals.

The following are some great tips to help keep the stairs in your multi-story rental as safe as possible for your tenants:

Install Sturdy Handrails:

Providing your tenants with sturdy handrails to use while they climb up the stairs is one of the best ways that you can help prevent falls in your rentals. Some tenants who have problems walking, climbing, or with their balance may need the assistance of a railing to move safely throughout the home.  Extending the handrail or a safety bar past the last step at the top or bottom of possible to help those who need additional assistance.

Choose Quality Flooring:

When looking at the stairs, you want to choose floor material that helps the tenant maintain their footing while climbing the stairs. Choosing a contrasting floor color can help your tenant clearly see each step. It helps to choose a non-slippery finish to your floor so that clients do not slip or fall while climbing or descending the stairs.

Install Permanent Carpet Runners:

If your staircases have a wood flooring, then you want to consider installing a permanent carpet runner on the stairs. Carpet is much easier to grip onto than hardwood with a slippery wax or finish to it. Permanent carpeting will stay put when people are on the stairs. It will also not rumple to avoid the person slipping or falling.


Providing good lighting in the area where the stairs are will help people clearly see where they are going. The lighting can help people see that they have sure footing and keep their step steady as they go up or down the stairs. Make sure that there are no glares that keep people from clearly seeing where they’re moving to.

Stair Inspection:

Having your stairs inspected by a certified inspector can help ensure that your stairs meet building and safety codes for your area. Tenants will rest with peace of mind knowing that the stairs in their homes are up to safety standards. It can also help keep you as a landlord out of hot water if a tenant were to fall while living in your rental property by proving that your home upheld the required safety standards in your area.

Consider Lifts/Alternatives:

Some tenants may not be able to use stairs at all. Consider having alternatives available such as lifts to help your tenant navigate your multistory properties. Proper working equipment to assist tenants will ensure their safety in their home.


These are some great tips to help keep your stairs safe in your rental properties. Limiting falls and helping keep tenants safe is key for landlords who own multiple-story homes. The safer tenants feel, the more likely you are to earn a good reputation as a caring landlord, and the more likely people are to rent your multi-story properties.