Michael Leafer

Who is Michael Leafer?

Michael Leafer is an entrepreneur and consultant who has founded successful companies in auto security, home security, and real estate. A creative and passionate professional, Michael enjoys brainstorming big ideas — and then bringing them to life through strategic business development.

Entrepreneurship is in Michael’s blood; from a young age he always wanted to be in charge of his own destiny and be his own boss. His childhood “jobs” of mowing lawns and delivering newspapers were indicative of Michael’s ambition and his business acumen, which he would continue to develop over the next 30+ years. Michael prides himself on this hardworking foundation and supports the model of parenthood that pushes their children to develop skills early and often. If it were not for Michael’s early exposure to the world of business, he may never have explored the roots of entrepreneurship.

Michael Leafer studied electrical engineering at the University of Massachusetts before founding MHL Protection Systems, Inc., also known as MHL Security and Sound, a highly successful provider of home and auto security systems. Michael has always enjoyed working with his hands and through MHL he was able to invent electronic equipment to enhance their business. These items include Keytronics (a 5 button car alarm), the Lithium Remote (Keyless Remote alarm), Protection Plus (Keyless Remote alarm) exclusively for car dealers, Pure Air (a vehicle air cleaning system), and a No-activity system, which was designed to monitor and protect employees at 24 hour locations such as convenient stores and gas stations.

Although Michael Leafer is an entrepreneur at heart and has worked within numerous sectors over the years, he dedicates himself 100% to each of his endeavors. His focus and commitment allowed MHL Protection Systems, Inc. to flourish for over thirty years until he chose to sell it to national alarm company ASG (Alarm Security Group). Now he concentrates his creative and technical skill set within Leaf Management, a highly successful corporation which he has run for over five years. Leaf Management rehabs, manages, and provides private financing funds to residential contractors and real estate investors throughout the Boston area.

The transition from MHL Protection Systems, Inc. to Leaf Management was no small task, and it was accomplished through adroit planning, marketing, and networking with other leaders in the home and auto security space. Michael was able to seamlessly sell his company and alter his professional direction, and he considers it one of his best accomplishments as an entrepreneur.

Michael Leafer’s Life Philosophy

Michael is a firm believer in one’s continued education and learning throughout life. For a self-starter like Michael, this devotion to exploring new topics is at the core of his success. Today, Michael continues to expand his knowledge. His preferred way to gain this exposure? Thanks to the arsenal of podcasts, articles, and blogs on the internet, Michael enjoys browsing the web and learning from thought leaders across the globe.

Michael Leafer enjoys sharing his professional history and his best tips and advice for other up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Whether these entrepreneurs want to build their existing company or make a major change and sell their company in order to pursue other opportunities, Michael has the insight and experience to guide them through it.