5 Ways To Stay Focused This Summer!

Now that it’s hot outside and the days are longer, you may not feel motivated to get much work done or keep working on your business. You may see your employees becoming less focused on tasks and you too might not feel like accomplishing much. Instead of giving into the lethargy, check out these helpful tips to remain motivated and beat the heat!


  • Keep working

While it may seem appealing to stop work altogether, avoid this pitfall. In order for your business to continue to be successful, you need to consistently work. While you may not necessarily need to work at the same pace as you do the rest of the year, make sure you are consistently working on some project or issue with your business. Once you get stuck in a cycle of putting off work, that’ll be incredibly difficult to break when your workload piles up again.


Summer Heat

  • Make a list

In order to get yourself to keep working, make a to-do list, or a list of your goals. While this could be larger scale and long-term, like for the week or the entire summer, also make a short-term list. Focus on what you want to get done on a day-to-day basis and work toward that. Make your list for the day when you go to sleep the night before or first thing in the morning in order to keep yourself on track. List-making will likely have a soothing effect on you, preventing you from worrying about what needs to be done. Remember, if you don’t complete a few items on your list, move them to the next day’s instead of worrying about what didn’t get done!

  • Take a break

A consistent work schedule is important, but so is taking breaks and giving yourself time to unwind! Don’t get so caught up in your work that you forget to eat or exercise; taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your business. If you’re not in a healthy frame of mind, you work will suffer. So, always take a decent lunch break and consistent shorter breaks for yourself. Don’t forget to spend time outside! Instead of sitting at your desk for hours on end, take some time to sit in the sun and actually enjoy the beautiful summer weather! Regular breaks will also give you more energy while you work and will motivate you to complete tasks so you can take a break.


  • Create incentives

Whether you create incentives for yourself, your employees, or both, these can be a great motivator for accomplishing work. Companies often give financial incentives, but other types of rewards can be useful too. Offer some small incentive at the end of the week to the employee who accomplishes specific tasks. You can also give yourself incentives, like a half day of work for completing a large project, or a night off from any work obligations. Go out to eat and make plans with your family or friends once you complete one of your goals.


  • Develop Consistent habits

Since you’re already focusing on how to be productive during the summer, figure out ways to be more productive year-round. Instill useful and healthy habits during summer months that can help you stay on track no matter what time of year it is! Begin establishing a morning routine, if you don’t already have one. Wake up at an early hour, take time to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead, and eat something for breakfast, along with a glass of water. Give yourself time to exercise a little each day and take care of well-being.