Quick Guide: 5 Traits of the Successful Solopreneur

Now, you probably have heard a ton about entrepreneurs, but not a much about the elusive solopreneur. The reason for this is simple – being an entrepreneur is incredibly difficult, but being a solopreneur is in a whole different league. Solopreneurs run the whole show completely on their own. Starting from meager beginnings to full-fledged companies, the solopreneur works alone and gets everything done. It’s not an easy task to complete, but in order to be a successful solopreneur, there are a few traits to master.


This is your biggest ally as a solopreneur. Without passion, you’re missing the infectious spark that will gravitate people towards your product/service. Passionate people attract customers because it’s impossible to fake. The drive is unmistakeable and shows potential customers how genuine you truly are. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to love what you’re doing and without passion, it will be hard to muster up the energy on the hard days.

A Creative Mind

Since you’re going at this alone, creativity is another trait you will need to have on hand. The ability to think outside of the box and come up with unique solutions to difficult problems is vital to your success. If you worked with a team, you don’t have to be the creative driving force. You could rely on team brainstorming to solve difficult problems, but since you’re going stag, it’s up to you alone to have all the answers.


No matter what stage your product or service is at, someone has to sell it. You’ve probably guessed it, but that person is you. Salesmanship is integral to your company’s success. Throughout your journey, investors, future employees, and customers, all need to be sold on you and the business.


Salesmanship and confidence are a tag team skill. You need to be confident in everything you do. If you’re not, it will show and clients, investors, and talented professionals may slip from your grasp. Exude confidence, but in the most modest way possible. Nobody likes dealing with a pretentious individual.


Finally, being a reflective person will serve you extremely well. There will be mistakes and hardships ahead, but possessing the ability to objectively look back and learn from every experience is crucial to your success. Reflection will lead you down a path of growth and professional development. Every situation has a lesson tucked in it, so being able to look back and pull that information out will assist you in building the best business you possibly can.