Taking the Leap: Tips from a Successful Entrepreneur

Tips from a sucessful entrepreneur

Michael Leafer knows a thing or two about starting a business. After successfully owning and operating MHL Security and Sound for over 30 years, Michael made a bold move. He launched into the real estate industry and began renovating and managing dozens of properties.

While this move may seem unexpected, Michael’s long-time passion of home improvement projects directed him towards this goal. And lucky for Michael, the change led to successful and exciting results. He’s now the CEO and managing director of Leaf Management, located in the Boston area.

To execute successful career changes, budding entrepreneurs must have a firm grasp on those two exact things: passion and skill-set. It’s not enough to rely on just one. We’ve all heard too many stories from co-workers or friends who’ve attempted to branch out into a career or business based on their passion. While this may work out for certain individuals, passion, alone, cannot bring one success. Likewise, possessing a skill-set can be extremely useful, but if one is not passionate about the work; the result will be lackluster.

It’s the combination of passion and expertise that brings the most successful entrepreneurs the biggest wins. How can you find and utilize this combination like Michael? Read on for a few tips that could help you launch into your new career move.

Study. Practice. Repeat.

Nobody is born with a refined skill set. No matter what industry you work in, it’s critical that you spend time developing and polishing your skills. The most successful individuals have spent countless hours perfecting their niche. Michael, for instance, spent his lifetime working with his hands. Whether he was building security systems or renovating a kitchen, Michael’s ability to envision, craft, and complete projects equipped him with the skill set he needed to launch into a new industry and a new business. Don’t underestimate the value of your skills. This will be the bread and butter of the work you do. If you aren’t capable of offering a product or service that customers find valuable, you’ll be hard-pressed to find success.

Be Ready to Wear Many Hats

Starting your own business takes a lot of work and will require you to complete all jobs in your company. From recruiting employees to developing a budget, an entrepreneur must be ready and willing to perform all aspects of the job. This can be an exciting aspect of the venture; however, it also means additional work and time. Make sure your life goals align with the start of your company. You’ll quickly learn that you’ll need to make sacrifices in other areas of your life.

Think of this as the true test of your passion. If you’re still in love with the idea after you’ve worked another sleepless week, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

Consider Branching Out

If you’re feeling unsteady about your skills, why not approach the business from a two-pronged stance. Enlist the help from a trusted friend or partner up with an individual to help run the company. The most successful companies are led by various people who all bring unique traits to the job.

Take a lesson from Michael. Work hard and find your passion. If you’re ready to start out on your own, be sure you’re fully equipped to handle both elements of the job. If you are, you’re more likely to stumble upon the dream we all aspire to achieve: finding joy in the work we do.