The Power of Finding Joy in the Work You Do

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Creating and running a business takes many skills and traits. You have to be dedicated to your work; you must be willing to work for long-term goals, and your patience gets a workout when challenges and obstacles arise. But finding success in your company is linked to so much more than your financial achievements. Finding joy in what you do and replicating that joy into a long-term and sustainable passion is the ultimate goal.

What’s the best way to find your professional joy?

You’re No Stranger to Work
The most successful entrepreneurs all share one important trait. Day in and day out, they’re working at a tremendously fast-paced. This is important because the more work you are able to do, the more benefits you’re able to reap from your labor. While learning to work harder can be a skill learned by anybody, it’s best when attempted in scale. For example, if you’re looking to find more hours in your day, the best and easiest way to manage that is to wake up earlier in the morning. Giving yourself even an extra hour can be remarkable in terms of productivity.

How does this hard work translate into joy?

Not only will you be working at a high intensity but chances are you’ll be doing various tasks and jobs along the way. This is a critical point in finding your joy. Through your tireless efforts, you’ll begin to get a better sense of what work you love to do and what work you hate. This is the very beginning of cultivating your workplace joy.

I’ve figured out what I like to do. Now what?

The next best thing is to delve deeper into that skill. Do more of that work until slowly, that work will turn into more of your time. You may have to work for little money or accolades in the beginning, especially if you’re just starting out. But by honing in on a skill that you’re excited about is the best way to find success and happiness in your career. For me, it was working with my hands to flip houses. While I knew I loved to work with my hands all of my life, it took me until mid-career to place the pieces together.

What are my next steps?

The next steps are fluid and will depend on the opportunities you seek out along the way. If you’re struggling to find opportunities–a better job, more connections, a better salary, one way to counteract that obstacle is to take your skill to the next level. Can you further your education? Can you take a class or workshop around your expertise? Read often. Volunteer your time. Through all of these practices, you’ll be deepening your knowledge and connecting with more individuals in that field.

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