5 Renovations to Make Your Rental Homes More Durable

When you are renovating your residential rental properties your first goal should be to make the residence more durable so that it lasts for the duration of more than one or two tenants’ stays. Investing in good, quality construction materials and making smart renovations can help you both reap the most return on your investments […]

What to Charge? Deciding Monthly Rental Rates

You’ve just purchased a rental property, but before you can start recruiting tenants, you’ll need to decide how much to charge for rent. Setting a reasonable rental price is extremely important; charge too much and you won’t get any rental applications. Charge too little and you’ll fail to make a profit. By taking a few […]

6 Renovations That Make Your Rental Family-Friendly

When you are renovating your residential rental houses to rent out to tenants, you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible. This can also be challenging given that each family will look for something different that fits their specific family’s needs. Moreover, as […]

5 Ways to Get Past the Third House Slump

The “third house slump” might sound silly to many people yet many investors know that many banks and other traditional lending agencies begin to balk when the talk of purchasing any residential investment properties past the 3rd house. There are a number of reasons that banks and other lending agencies feel this way, however, as […]

5 Ways to Limit Your Liability As an Investor:

When you are the investor who is putting money up to purchase residential rental properties that people are staying in, you are putting yourself on the line in terms of liability. However, the good news is that there are measures that you can take to ensure that you are protecting yourself from liabilities and limit […]

3 Levels/Tiers of Property Management: What Level of Property Management Fits Your Investment Style?

Every landlord needs something different from their property management company depending on a variety of factors. These factors include things such as how many residential rental properties they own to their management and investing style. Having said that, property management companies need to be different things to each investor that they work with. Some investors […]


If you are a property owner who rents out their property, there are many good reasons to consider using a property management company to handle the business of renting for you. Here are two ways these companies ensure properties do not sit vacant for long periods of time. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES FIND LONG-TERM, RELIABLE TENANTS […]


When landlords are changing apartments out between tenants there are basic maintenance items that will need to be done to ensure the unit is ready for the next tenants to move into. Doing these routine maintenance items is key to keeping the units all looking neat, clean, and in top shape for the next tenant […]


Although things like location, walkability, and nearby amenities matter to tenants looking for a rental home, those decisions occur before you buy the property you intend to rent out. To make your existing rental as attractive as possible to new tenants, recognize the interior and exterior features most of them look for. These changes range […]

5 Tips For How to Successfully Manage Multiple Properties

Being a landlord or property owner can be a stressful job. Add in the fact that you very well might be managing multiple properties and the job becomes even more challenging. The more properties that get involved, the trickier the entire managing process becomes. Many property owners are not sure how to handle the additional […]