Guide to Moving Back to Your Rental Property

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Back Into Your Rental Property Are you considering turning your rental property back into your primary residence? Congratulations! It’s an exciting process but can also be a bit overwhelming. After all, you need to make sure that your rental property is ready for you to move back in. This guide […]

Prevent Frozen Pipes

¬†The Landlord’s Winter Survival Guide: 10 Tips to Keep Your Property Safe from Frozen Pipes     As a landlord, it’s important to take steps to protect your rental property from the potential damages that can be caused by freezing pipes. Not only can frozen pipes lead to costly repairs, but they can also cause […]

Preventing Your Pipes from Freezing

3 Steps to Protect Your Rental Property’s Pipes     Extreme or sudden freezes can be a major concern for landlords, as frozen pipes can lead to water damage, costly repairs, and unhappy tenants. However, there are steps that landlords can take to protect their properties and minimize the risk of damage from freezing temperatures. […]

Signs of a Hasty Flip

5 Signs of a Hasty Flip That Turn Off Prospective Buyers     Hasty flips attract hasty buyers. Flipping homes is one of the fastest ways to make money in real estate. However, investors who buy homes and resell them quickly often run into trouble. Here are five signs of a hasty flip that may […]

Vetting Potential Tenants

      Vetting Potential Tenants Using Credit: How And How Not To Use It Tenants with bad credit are a sign that something may be wrong with their ability to pay rent. If you’re worried about your tenants’ credit, consider why that might be the case. Is there any evidence of fraud (like unpaid […]

Reading Your Local Real Estate Market

Reading Your Local Real Estate Market-Is It Going Up Or Down? If you’re considering selling or buying a home, it’s essential to know how the local real estate market is doing. Not only does this help with your decision-making process, but it also gives you an idea of what other people are paying for homes […]

Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Case for Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit to Your Rental Property¬†     You may have heard of accessory dwelling units (ADU) and wondered what they are and if they would be a good addition to your rental property. Please keep reading to learn about ADU, how they are becoming more popular, and the benefits […]

ADU — yes or no?

Reasons to Think Twice Before Putting an ADU on Your Property     If you have a large enough lot or home in the right type of neighborhood, placing an ADU could be an excellent way to help increase its value. When done correctly, the ability to rent out can also help lower your monthly […]

How to Keep Insurance Premiums Affordable

5 Tips to Keep Your Real Estate Insurance Premiums Affordable     You know how fast things can get expensive if you’re in the real estate business. Repair costs, insurance premiums, and taxes can run your property bill through the roof, especially if you have several buildings or properties to keep up with. So here […]

Buy a House With or Without a Pool?

Should You Buy a House With a Pool or Build One? Do you fancy having a private swimming pool? The freedom and privacy of having your pool drive many home buyers to have a pool in their homes. Should you buy a house with a pool or buy a house and build a pool later? […]