The Back-end Financials of Your Real Estate Business

The Importance of a Savings Fund for Your Rental Property Business.     The income from a rental property, or an entire portfolio of properties, generates its own momentum. As long as you have another months’ rent coming in, you can easily cover the expenses needed to maintain your properties. However, the sudden need for […]

Selecting Homes for Flipping

What Homes are the Best for Flipping? Over the past few years, house flipping has been rising in popularity, and it’s with good reason. This is because data shows that you can expect an average┬áreturn on investment (ROI) of 26.9%, translating to a gross profit of $67,900. While it’s a lucrative venture, it also has […]

Selecting a Property Manager

Identifying the Right Property Manager for the Job What to Look for When Hiring a Property Manager Buying an investment property is only the first step in a profitable real estate business plan. Whether you have chosen a single-family house, a multi-family building, or even a commercial property, most investors partner with a property manager […]

How to Help Your Tenants Pass Their Move-Out Inspections

How to Help Your Tenants Pass Their Move-Out Inspection Every skilled rental home investor knows that tenants can and should pass their move-out inspections. Sure, a little wear-and-tear is perfectly normal after a year or more of residence. But in reality, you want to give their security deposit back in full. You want them to […]

Investing in Historic Homes

What You Should Know Before Investing in a Historic Home     As you expand your real estate portfolio, you may come across an opportunity to invest in a historic home. For many people, this can be an exciting prospect as you will be purchasing a piece of local history. Additionally, homes in historic neighborhoods […]

Pest Control 101

3 Stages of Pest Control Every Rental Property Needs     Pest control. It’s something every landlord has to think about, and the presence of vermin can cause problems that affect your reputation as well as potential legal consequences. So, what can you do to properly handle pest control on your rental property. Here are […]

How to Handle Forgotten Property

What to Do If Former Tenants Leave Belongings at the Property Tenant turnover is an important part of managing a rental property. When one tenant leaves, the landlord or their property manager must prepare the home to get back on the market and welcome new tenants. This usually involves a deep cleaning, repainting, annual maintenance, […]

Lease Facts: Part One

Lease Facts: Can You Require Tenants to Leave a Faucet Dripping During a Freeze?     Can You Require Tenants to Leave a Faucet Dripping During a Freeze? In every climate, offering homes for rent comes with a unique concern: How can you ensure your tenants take good seasonal care of the property? Most of […]

Roots in Pipes? What to do

What to Do If There Are Roots in Your Rental Property Pipes.     Your tenant calls you to say there is something wrong with the plumbing. Despite their best efforts with Draino, vinegar, and plunging, the drains are slowed or fully stopped, and they don’t know what to do. You nod sagely and send […]

2024 Real Estate Renovation Trends

  7 Rental Property Renovation Trends Holding Strong Through 2024     As a landlord, if you want happy tenants and the best rental prices, renovations are part of doing business. It is your role to keep properties in good quality. Tenants want homes that are bright, welcoming, and modernized no matter when the structure […]