10 Tips for a Great Open House

Holding a successful open house is key when it comes to helping sell properties quickly and when real estate agents have to turn over properties for their clients. Open housesare when potential buyers see the home and determine if that specific property will meet the needs of their family (and their budget). Putting your best foot forward is crucial to ensuring that clients leave with the best possible impression of the property and are interested in making offers on the house that they saw.

Organizing and putting on a great open house is key to helping give visitors the best first impressions possible. Having said that, the following are 10F great tips to keep in mind when hosting an open house that will leave viewers coming back with irresistible offers:

  1. Greet Everyone As They Enter: First impressions matter in the real estate world and there is no better way to make that impression than to introduce yourself to each person as they come in the door. Being there to support them through their tour and guide them through the open house helps to leave a “good taste” in their mouth and ensures that they notice all of the perks and selling points that make the property unique.
  2. Learn About the Area: Understand the neighborhood and area that the home is located in. For example, if the area has a low crime rate that helps prospective homeowners feels safer or if the area has great schools it’s up to you to highlight that! If it’s close to the interstate or highway for an easy commute or has shopping nearby that adds convenience to the family’s life it’s up to you share with prospective buyers. The more perks the area offers the more people that will want to move there as they see that it fits their lifestyle.
  3. Advertise the Open House: Sharing information about the open house both on social media and on the internet is a great way to get the word out that another new and awesome property is on the market! Hanging up signs around the neighborhood and also putting your information in newspapers is another way to get the word out. Using TV and radio advertisements helps also. Any way to share and spread the word is worthwhile. The more people who know about it, the more that will come if they are in the market for a new home. Finally, more people seeing the property means there’s a better chance that someone will buy it.
  4. Consider When You Are Holding Open Houses: Most open houses should either be held at night (but not too late – no later than 8 pm to 9 pm at the latest) and weekends. However, offer the option of customized viewing times for people who work an irregular schedule or have obligations that prevent them from coming at “peak” hours. The more flexible you are the more people that will come see your property which increases your chances of a speedy sale!
  5. Provide Hor’Dourves & Drinks: Give clients a reason to hang around a bit longer. Providing light Hor’Dourves and drinks allows clients to stand around and chat with other open house guests while they enjoy a refreshment. It adds a nice touch to the event and makes the clients feel like it’s appreciated that they came out. It doesn’t have to be fancy but simple snacks and drinks can add a great finishing touch to the feel of an open house.
  6. Up the Curb Appeal: Providing a nice, clean front yard and view of the home will give customers the best first impressions possible. Keep the home looking lively but not over cluttered with landscaping. Cut the lawn. Powerwash the porch and driveway to keep them as bright as possible. Ensuring that everything is in place will help clients picture themselves in that home before they even step inside!
  7. Create a Neutral Environment: Keeping everything neutral helps appeal to more people’s tastes. Using lots of neutral colors for everything from the color the home is painted to the walls painted inside helps people imagine their lives in that space. The painting also seems easier to many people if it’s a white or beige color rather than bright, bold colors that may turn people off immediately. Light floor and wall colors also help open up space and make it look even bigger than it really is. Leave the slate blank so people can picture customizing it to their styles rather than doing anything too extreme that will turn potential buyers off from the property, despite how great it otherwise may be.
  8. Clean Up After Each Open House: Keeping the home clean is the biggest key to selling it. Simple things like ensuring the beds are made properly and the pillows on the couches are organized is key to putting a neat and tidy look forward. Cleaning up footprints and vacuuming rugs and carpet can provide a clean, put-together look that will allow customers to see the home in the best light.
  9. Provide Take-Home Information: Provide basic information such as floor plans and basic information on the home and neighborhood for people to take home. This helps them when comparing their favorite properties before they make an offer. Referring to that can remind them of what they saw and helps them realize how great your property is compared to what else is on the market at that time!
  10. Thank Everyone For Coming: Just like you greeted people when they came, leaving them with a warm and sincere “thank you for coming” makes them feel like their presence meant something and helps them feel appreciated. It also leaves them recommending you as someone other friends and family might use than needing someone in real estate to help them sell their home or move.

These are 10 great tips to help a real estate agent who is hosting an open house do so in a way that clients won’t soon forget!


Great curb appeal helps the customers relate to the home before they even step inside. Being a polite and gracious host will make a great first impression. Showing them around the property helps them note all of the property’s perks that they may otherwise not have noticed. Providing information about the property helps them go home and compare it to other “favorites” they saw and ensures that you showcase what a great deal this property is compared to others on the market. Those great impressions can lead to more offers and faster sales times, even for newer real estate agents.