ADU — yes or no?

Reasons to Think Twice Before Putting an ADU on Your Property



If you have a large enough lot or home in the right type of neighborhood, placing an ADU could be an excellent way to help increase its value. When done correctly, the ability to rent out can also help lower your monthly expenses.

However, before you start thinking about putting an ADU on your property, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

What is ADU?

ADU stands for “accessory dwelling unit.” They are smaller living units such as granny flats and detached or semi-detached cottages on your property. If you consider adding an ADU to your property, know that they have different building codes than a primary residence.
Below are 3 reasons you should think twice before putting an ADU.

1.    Restrictions On Renting It Out As A Separate Structure

The ability to rent out an ADU as a separate unit often depends on where you live. Many cities and counties have zoning regulations prohibiting the construction of detached ADUs. While some municipalities allow for the construction of separate ADUs, many also have strict rules about their location and size. Such regulations are designed to ensure compliance with safety and health standards.

2.    HOA Restrictions

If you are part of a homeowner’s association, you may have restrictions on how many rental units you can have on your property. If you are a member and want to add an ADU, check with your association to see if they have restrictions and how you can get permission to build one.

3.    Safety Considerations

Building an ADU can create a new set of safety concerns for homeowners. This includes proper fencing if the ADU is to be placed in the back or side yard. Similarly, safety measures like the applicable fire codes must be fully met before making your ADU.

4.    State Processes

If you decide on putting an ADU, you will need to go through your state’s process before constructing. You may also need to go before your local government and get special permission to add an ADU to your property. Depending on your state, the process for adding an ADU can vary and take different periods to complete.

In conclusion, building an ADU on your property can be an excellent way to create additional space for guests or family members. However, do proper research to understand what rules may apply to building an ADU in your area.