Checklist to Make Your Home Move-in Ready

Preparing a home for sale or for renters requires a similar process called move-in ready. A move-in ready home is one that could begin housing a family the moment they arrive with boxes. This means ever latch locks, every appliance works, and the water heater is ready to go. All the necessary comforts of home are what makes a house move-in ready.

If you’re new to the process, we’re here to help with a complete move-in-ready checklist for sellers or landlords, plus a few helpful COVID-tips for minimizing contact in your upcoming real estate interactions.


Checklist For Making a House Move-In Ready

Getting a house move-in ready is easier than you think. It’s really about being considerate and ensuring everything works properly before handing the keys to the new residents. Here’s what to do:

  • Put Bulbs in Every Light Socket and Ensure They Work
  • Run the Taps to Confirm Hot & Cold Water
  • Test the Stove Burners & Refrigerator
  • Check Every Cabinet and Closet for Left-Behind Items
  • Sour the Yard for Sharp Hidden Objects
  • Make Sure Every Door, Lock and Handle Works Properly
  • Test Shower Heat and Water Pressure
  • Flush Every Toilet & Leave 1 Roll Per Bathroom
  • Test Every Outlet With a Small Plug-In Device
  • Wipe Down and Swiffer Every Room


How to Minimize Contact in Real Estate Deals

In the age of coronavirus, it’s important to minimize your physical contact with others. Even though real estate is a traditionally very in-person business, it doesn’t have to be. Use these tricks to keep yourself safe:

  • The Real Estate Elbow-Shake
  • Online Communication and Planning
  • 6-Foot Distance for Tours and Inspections
  • Owner-Not-Present Services


As a home seller or new landlord, making a home move-in-ready is an essential part of doing friendly business. Ensure that the home’s new residents have working appliances, hot running water, and a secure home from the very first day they arrive with boxes. For more real estate insights, contact us today!