Guide to Safe In-House Tenant Repairs During the Pandemic

Keeping tenants safe and comfortable in their homes is essential during this coronavirus pandemic. In order for your tenants to safely shelter-in-place, they must have the basic necessities like AC and hot water. If something breaks, you’ll need to be very careful about entering the home to fix it.

-Call Ahead to Schedule Your Visit

First, ensure the tenant knows you are coming by calling ahead. You will need to coordinate access and distancing perfectly.

-Wear a Mask and Gloves to Enter

Wear a cloth or medical mask over your nose and mouth. This will ensure you cannot accidentally pass the virus and cannot accidentally pick it up. Wear gloves as well so that your hands don’t touch anything that might potentially be contaminated.

-Ask the Family to Stay in a Separate Room

Except for the one tenant who lets you in and shows you the problem, ask that all other residents retreat to a separate room to minimize contact.

-Remain 6-Feet from Your Tenant Host

When you meet a tenant, maintain as much distance from them as each room or section of the house allows. If they are not necessary for repairs, ask them to step back while you work.

-Do Not Touch Your Face or Remove Your Mask

Whatever you do, don’t allow your face to be exposed. Do not scratch your face with gloved hands, do not remove the mask at any time while you are performing repairs.

-Perform the Necessary Repairs & Politely Leave

Take care of the repairs necessary as quickly as possible. Then thank the tenant for their cooperation and leave promptly without touching anything else.

-Remove Your Gloves & Mask Carefully Outside the Home

When you are outside the home (but before getting in your car) remove each glove carefully from the wrist, turning the glove inside-out as it is removed. Throw the gloves away. Then remove your mask from the ear-straps and throw it away as well. Change to a new masksif you wish to before driving home.

-Drive Home & Wash

It is now safe to return to your home. When you arrive, immediately wash your hands and consider taking a thorough shower just in case.

It is both possible and sometimes necessary to enter a tenant’s home to enact repairs, even during coronavirus lockdown. Contact us today for more home management insights.