Home Improvements that Depreciate Quickly

4 Home Improvements That Depreciate Quickly



Home improvement is one of the best strategies for increasing your home or property value. The list of home remodeling projects with a high return on investment (ROI) is endless. However, you should know some trendy remodeling projects depreciate quickly. This article will look at 4 home improvement projects that will depreciate fast because of technology.

Smart Thermostats

Smart technology is gaining popularity among home and property owners because of its potential to increase property value. Programmable thermostats have been with us for some years and are among the top most needed technologies in homes. These devices help to adjust your home’s energy usage. The good news is you can program and control the thermostats remotely. Although smart thermostats are an excellent ideal for your home improvement project, the technology is advancing quickly, and what would be the best thermostats today may be outdated in the next five years.

Automatic Blinds and Smart Textiles

Smart home technology is fast getting into our homes. The future of this technology is automating minor aspects that make life bearable at home. Smart textiles and automatic blinds are two features that can attract potential home buyers to purchase your property. This smart technology helps in adjusting the lighting in your home. They bring immense possibilities for controlling lighting and give you control over how much light should enter your house at specific times. With this technology, you can control light during the morning, midday, or evening. Unfortunately, this home improvement project may depreciate fast after introduction of better smart textiles and automatic blinds.

Smart Connected Appliances

A recent survey shows that 65% of Americans have installed a smart home device. Smart connected appliances work as components of one large system. According to EnergyStar, these appliances are more energy-efficient than conventional appliances. For your next remodeling project, you can consider a unified system comprising refrigerators, washers, freezers, dishwashers, and dryers. This notwithstanding, remember the technology is advancing very fast, and the appliance may depreciate with the introduction of more innovative appliances.

Smart Security Systems

Typically, home security systems have a high ROI and can significantly increase your home’s resale value. They include smart doorbells, smart locks, smart security cameras, and smart doors. We control most of these security features via apps of Wi-Fi remotely. Since the value of security can’t be overstated, home buyers find these devices attractive. As the technology advances, a security system you’ve installed today may be outdated soon.

Technology is advancing at a quick rate. When choosing trendy home improvement projects, consider how quickly they depreciate. Visit Leaf Management & Funding website for information on smart home improvement projects that attract high ROI and don’t depreciate quickly.