Laundry Room To-Do List During Tenant Turnovers

The Laundry Room

The laundry room is important. Having a laundry room as opposed to keeping the washing machine and dryer (or not having a dryer) in the kitchen or garage can have a positive impact on prospective tenants. Many people either expect the laundry room to be in good condition, and will be disappointed if it is not, or they will be pleased to see the property has one. Here is a list of to-do’s to encourage a new tenant to want to move in, and to encourage them to care for laundry room while they live there.

Typical Jobs

Some tasks should always be completed during tenant turnovers:

  1. Inspect and clean the floor. The corners of laundry rooms often collect more fluff and bits of tissue than other rooms.
  2. Clean the baseboards.
  3. Check the high corners for accumulated dust and cobwebs
  4. Clean the lint traps.
  5. Check all door seals are in good condition, and replace if necessary.
  6. Check behind the machines to see if anything was dropped by the previous tenant. Last-minute washing can be hurried; something can get accidentally dropped, forgotten, and left.
  7. Check the dryer line to the outside is in place and clamped tight. Loose pipes allow damp air and, possibly, lint not caught by the lint trap into the room.
  8. Check the electric sockets, the plugs and cables are in good condition.
  9. Unplug the cables and place them neatly over the machines. This adds a professional touch, a sort of staging, when a prospective tenant walks in.
  10. Check the lights in case a bulb needs to be replaced.
  11. Check the HVAC outlets to make sure they are clean. Look inside the duct to check nothing has fallen in. Coins and pieces of small jewelry falling out of a pocket can finish up in the ductwork.
  12. Arrange any preventive or needed maintenance by a licensed and insured contractor.
  13. It is unlikely, but if the previous tenant has moved the machines, replace them in such a way that it is convenient to remove clothes from the washing machine into the dryer when both doors are open. (This can be done when the maintenance work is being done or after inspecting behind the machines.)

Possible Jobs

  1. Laundry rooms are for cleaning clothes, so the room, itself, should look well cared for. If the walls need to be painted or the floor covering replaced, now is the time to do it.
  2. Replace (or install) a GFCI if necessary, after testing.
  3. Upgrade the lighting to make the room look brighter, especially if it is also used for ironing clothes.
  4. Decide if it would help to attract new tenants, and provide an ironing board, a laundry basket to hold before washing them.
  5. Consider adding a sink.
  6. Provide a new box of fabric softener sheets and some washing pods, so the new tenant can do an immediate wash after moving in without having to wonder where their own items are boxed.

The Takeaway

A perfect laundry room helps prospective tenants to choose your property, it implies good management, so the conscientious tenant will take it as a signal to look after the property as well. Convenient and well-maintained laundry rooms are part of the overall strategy of encouraging good tenants to renew their lease.