Protect Your Investment – Part Two

Protect Your Investment: When to Have the Roof Inspected – Pt 2



[Continued from Part 1]


5. If There are Snow, Moss, or Leaf Piles on Your Roof

Any time there are damp piles on your roof, this is cause for concern. Call for roof cleaning and/or a roof inspection if you see piles of snow that don’t move, piles of leaves that seem to form a damp home, or moss growing on your roof. All can either create or indicate a dangerous and roof-damaging level of trapped moisture. They will need to be cleared away and the roof underneath should be inspected.

Tenants often have little to no control over whether leaves pile on the roof, and it takes a special tool just to sweep them off. Scheduling roof care in the fall, or whenever you notice discoloration from rooftop growth, can save your roof early.


6. If Your Attic is Damp and Other Signs of a Roof Leak

Signs of a leak from your roof are always cause for a roof inspection. Ask your tenants to watch for water pooling in ceilings, the sight of damp running down walls, or the smell of mold in hidden places. During your twice yearly inspection, visit each attic and check to see if the beams are rotting with moisture or if the underlayment is damp. If any of these signs appear, schedule a roof inspection.


7. If Your Chimney or Roof Vents are Leaking

Rental homes with a fireplace and chimney are extremely appealing, whether the climate is warm or cold. But any features that interrupt the shingles on your roof can lead to a leak due to flashing and connection flaws.

Sometimes, the shingles are fine but the roof features may show signs of leaking. Call for a roof inspection if your tenants see that is water running down the inside or outside of your chimney, vents, and other features that extend out through a home’s roof surface.


8. If Your Gutters Appear Damaged

Ask your tenants to keep an eye on the gutters and to call if they notice any damage or improper runoff. Your gutters are part of your roof system. If a bad storm or a mischievous animal has caused your gutters to come apart from the roof or show other signs of damage, this can cause real damage. Gutters that rip away from the house will damage the roof, while gutters that aren’t doing their job can lead to water damage to the outer layers of the house. If you notice or your tenants report gutter damage, roofers can inspect the situation and conduct repairs that keep your roof system intact.


9. If You Notice Soft or Dark Spots on the Shingles

If you can see dark spots on your roof that don’t coincide with shadows, consider calling a roof inspector. While most people will not notice these details, anyone who goes on the roof might. If your tenants climb up to retrieve a lost ball or to watch fireworks, ask them to report any areas of the roof that appear soft or damaged. Soft or spongy shingles could be losing integrity.


10. If the Roof Starts to Sag

Lastly, keep an eye on your roof’s ridgeline and flat planes. These are created by the structure beneath the shingle layer including the beams and underlayment.

Watch out for any roof that shows signs of sagging along the planes or buckling at the ridges. Sagging roofs often indicate that the beams and underlayment have been moisture damaged and begun to rot. A free roof inspection will tell you just how urgent your next roof installation will be.


Take Care of Your Investments with Free Roof Inspections

Most local roofers offer free inspections with the understanding that if an issue is found, they will be your first choice for repairs. This means it costs you nothing but a small amount of time to remain vigilant and take good care of the roof for each of your rental properties. Your tenants will appreciate that you are literally caring for the roof over their heads out of concern for their health and safety, while proper roof care will ensure the long-term quality and value of your properties.

Of course, keeping track of the rooftops of every one of your rental homes can be a big task. If you’re ready to leave it to the pros, contact us today to discuss our property management services.