Reasons why you Shouldn’t Evict Your own Tenants

An unfortunate part of being a landlord is the fact that sometimes tenants don’t turn out as you hoped that they would. In some cases where you just can’t work things out, this may mean that as a landlord, you need to evict tenants from a property. However, this is not something that it is recommended that you do yourself. Hiring a property management company to do things such as serve eviction notices is a highly recommended practice throughout the real estate industry.


Having a third-party such as a property management company do the actual eviction can save you as a landlord from getting into some sticky (possibly legal) situations. The following are 6 reasons that you should consider hiring a property management company (or other qualified third parties) to do the eviction of tenants:

  • They May Find it Easier to Get Eviction Notices: You need an eviction notice to evict a tenant from a property legally. If you are to hire an eviction agency or a property management company, they often know how to obtain an eviction notice more quickly than you do as a traditional landlord. They know how to file the paperwork, speed up the process, and get a reply in a minimal amount of time. Knowing how to navigate the “red tape” of getting an eviction notice will help ensure that all of the appropriate steps are taken to ensure that the eviction gets completed in a lawful manner.
  • Separates the Landlord & Eviction Responsibilities: If you can avoid being the one who evicts your tenants, you can successfully separate the roles of landlord and those who do the eviction. There is a reason eviction agencies or property management companies specialize in these roles. Letting them do the eviction work allows you to maintain a positive, professional relationship with your tenants and allows you to leave the “dirty work” to the trained professionals!
  • These Professionals Can Provide Guidance to Landlord: When a landlord thinks they have a legitimate reason to evict a tenant, an eviction agency or a property management company can either tell you if you have a case or get legal help involved to determine what you should do to ensure that you follow the laws in your area. Following the laws in your area can protect you from angry former tenants who wish to retaliate against you with legal action.
  • These Professionals Know When You Can Evict Tenants: Professional eviction agencies or a property management company will understand what exactly you can evict tenants for and what you cannot evict them for. While some behaviors may be annoying or irritating to you as a landlord, there are certain things you can evict for and others that you cannot evict a tenant for doing. Moreover, ensuring that you have a valid and legitimate reason to evict tenants can save you from retaliatory actions later on by the tenants who may feel they were treated badly.
  • You Avoid Getting Injured: When served an eviction notice, some people will begin to act erratically. They may swing, punch, hit, etc. people who work for eviction agencies or are trained to do evictions for property management companies are trained in how to handle these situations and defend themselves. You may not have that training which means that violent tenants can result in serious injury to you or others that are with you while you serve the eviction notice.
  • Ensure That You Aren’t Going to Get Sued: While there is no hired eviction agency or property management company that is perfect, hiring a third party who specializes in evictions can ensure that you are not getting sued for wrongful evictions of tenants. They can consult their legal partners and understand what goes into evictions and ensure that you are doing evictions legally and correctly. This can save you big money in the future and helps you avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

These are 6 great reasons that a professional eviction agency or a property management company that offers eviction services should be doing your evictions rather than you as a landlord. They can protect you both legally and physically as well as recommend the best ways to move forward with evictions that you must perform. Protecting yourself, your assets, and your business is in your best interest, so leave it to the professionals to do your eviction for you when the law permits you to do so.