Security-Focused Improvements That Protect Your Investment

When purchasing an investment property, adding security-related features will help ensure the safety of the occupants and ensure the integrity of your home. Determining what kind of security features to install depends on the location of the property, the requirements of your homeowners’ insurance and ultimately, how that property will be used by the renters.

Security Monitoring Service

Installing a security monitoring service that provides 24/7 fire, police and emergency services access is a great addition to any rental home. Many homeowners’ insurance companies require this feature as an added layer of protection by the mortgage company. By installing this type of monitoring service, fire or emergency services are alerted if a home invasion or fire is detected on the property when the occupant is not available or if the home is unoccupied.

Remote Locking Systems

If you are planning on renting your property for short term rentals or the property is not near where you live, installing remote locks allows you to create a system by which you have greater control over who has access to the home. Remote locking systems allow you to provide key codes to renters, service personnel and property managers on an as-needed basis. Once the renter has completed their stay or the work you have contracted is completed, the door codes may be deleted and the home is rendered secure once again.

Video Surveillance Systems

With the incidents of home invasions on the rise, installing video surveillance systems is a must. Video surveillance helps you monitor the activity at your property while creating a visual record in case there is an incident where the police may need to be involved. Whether you are waiting for materials to arrive for a renovation or someone to help fix a broken pipe, having eyes on the front door, back door, and other entrances to the home, can help you monitor the traffic around your property.

Installing a security feature or multiple security features can help protect your investment. If you are considering adding one of those mentioned here, first determine its primary purpose and be sure to research a variety of brands along with their support features.