Staging Your Home for Virtual Showings

With COVID-19 affecting nearly every aspect of our lives right now, we have to be innovative in order to keep things running smoothly. This is the same for the real estate business, since people may not be able to go look at potential places to live, and also may not want to in fear of spreading or contracting the disease. With that being said, the world of real estate cannot just come to a halt, so virtual showings are more important now than ever.

Staging Your Homes

When people are looking online for a potential place to live, staging can completely change the way they think about a particular home. Seeing rooms that are empty makes it hard to picture how furniture would be arranged, and rooms can sometimes appear smaller. When putting in appropriate furniture and a few small decor items for that space, it can completely transform it and allow the buyer to picture their own belongings in that space.

Virtual Showings

Potential home buyers will want a lot of pictures and videos right now when searching for a home online. It is important to not leave any part of the home out. Instead of just taking a few pictures of the common areas, take a lot of pictures of every nook and cranny in the home. Show rooms from different angles, show the insides of closets, and show as many details as possible. Think about the things a home buyer would want to see if they were looking at that home in person. If possible, set up a 3D tour, so the buyer can virtually walk around the home.

Narrowing It Down

As homebuyers are searching online, they will not want to walk through as many houses as they would have prior to COVID-19. Including many pictures, measurements, videos, and other tools helps allow them to narrow their search. This way, when they are ready to walk through a home, they only have a few to look at, rather than a lot. This is the future in home buying.