What to do About Cloudy Windows?

What to Do About Cloudy Windows on a Rental Property.



You have a rental home with double-paned windows. Generally, this is a benefit in terms of energy-efficiency and temperature retention. It makes the home more comfortable and affordable for your tenants. However, you have recently noticed that the space between the panes of glass has become cloudy. How serious is this, and how would you fix cloudy windows on a rental property?

The property managers of Leaf Management have run into cloudy double-paned windows more than a few times. We can help you assess the situation and make a plan based on how important your cloudy windows truly are.


Are Cloudy Windows a Serious Problem?

Cloudiness in a double-paned window is a sign that the air seal between the panes of glass has been broken. This can happen when the window warps over time, or can be caused by exposure to moisture or direct sunlight. It means that your window has lost efficiency and is not as insulating as it used to be. For the most part, this is not a serious problem. The home is still secure, but not quite as energy-efficient as it used to be.

However, there are two considerations when deciding how seriously to take your cloudy windows.

How Hot/Cold Does Your Climate Get?

Double-paned windows are important in climates where the summers get extremely hot or the winters get extremely cold. The more intense your temperature cycle, the more important it becomes to replace the double-paned air seal.

How Bad is the Condensation?

You may also be worried about making your rental home presentable. Condensation can make your property slightly less attractive and it can be difficult to get rid of for photos and tours.


Double-Paned Windows Must Be Replaced, Not Repaired

It’s important to note that double-paned windows that have started condensating have a broken seal that cannot be re-sealed. You will need to replace either the window glass or the entire window to solve the problem. It’s up to you whether this is a valuable renovation this year or in the future.


How to Remove Condensation Temporarily from Double-Paned WIndows

If you need to take pictures of your rental house or prepare it for a tour with future tenants, removing the cloudiness can be important. While difficult, you can generally discourage condensation using a space heater, hair dryer, and/or dehumidifier to remove the moisture from between the panes.  However, the condensation will come back. Your tenants may or may not care about the clarity of their windows, but it will fluctuate with the humidity and the weather conditions.


Replace the Glass in the Window

If your window frame is still in good condition, you can have just the sealed, double-paned glass replaced in any window that has started to fog. This makes it possible to quickly and more affordably re-insulate a home and remove the issue of cloudiness in the window of your rental home.


Replace Your Double-Paned Windows

The best way to fix fogginess in the windows is to fully replace the windows, window-frame and all. This is a valuable re-investment in your rental property and will provide greater energy-efficiency for years into the future. But it is also the most costly way to fix an otherwise not urgent issue.


Knowing What Matters with Leaf Management

Leaf Management is an experienced property management agency that can help you keep your rental homes in great condition, whether the issue is cloudy windows or clogged pipes. To learn more about property management and the fixes to common rental home problems, contact us today.