When Should You Renovate Your Garage

Renovating your garage is often a great step for a homeowner who is looking for additional space and function in their home. The garage can be a great place to get that extra room that you have been looking for. Whether you need another complete room added to your home or are just looking for extra storage space, garages can be a great way to finish off your dream home.

In this post, we will explore some scenarios that will allow you to finish your garage off in a way that completes your home and gives you exactly what you need in your newly renovated space:

Extra Storage Space in Your Garage:

Storage space is probably the most common garage renovation out there. This renovation will typically allow you to continue to allow you to park your car(s) in the garage while also providing you with extra storage space for your excess stuff. There are a variety of ways you can store your stuff out in the garage from shelves to cabinets to storage cubbies; there is a way to make everything fit. Storing your outdoor gear here is usually the most common choice of what stays in the garage. From gardening supplies to outdoor tools or even sports equipment, bikes, or kids toys, there is a way to make your garage work for both storage and vehicle parking.

Create An At-Home Office Space:

For those who have run out of room in their main living quarters, the garage can be a great place to create an at-home office or studio. Whether you choose to do woodworking or other hands-on types of construction work or need space for a hair salon, a beauty parlor, a doggie daycare, etc. garages can serve as any amount of at-home office spaces for your small business at-home studio. The best part is that your garage provides a blank slate to let you make the room what you need it to be for your business and your needs. It’s a big open space that you can design as you see fit! Getting innovative can allow you to turn your garage into the space that your business needs to continue to function, grow, and expand.

Creates Additional Living Space:

If you are already maxed out on your indoor living space, yet have a need for more space for someone who needs to live with you such as adult children or elderly parents, adding onto your house through your garage can be a cheaper alternative to adding a whole addition on to your home. The structure is already in place which can save $10,000s over having to build additional space onto your home as a “guest suite” for anyone who may need to stay there temporarily or long-term.

These are 3 common scenarios for reasons why people will renovate their garages. They can provide great space for someone who needs more from their home and cars can just be parked outside while the space inside is used to help your home meet other needs you have.

Finally, others may have one final reason to finish their garages off: to avoid structural issues.

Finishing Off Garages: The Benefits:

Even if you are not going to use the space for storage, living, or your business, finishing off the garage and keeping your car(s) there is another great alternative to helping preserve your home and its structure for years to come. The following are reasons to consider finishing off your garage (i.e., insulation, drywall, etc.) with the basics even if you are not going to use it for living space:

  • Sealing your floors will prevent against water damage and other long-term damage, staining, etc. that can result from years of the wear and tear of your car’s tires on the floor.
  • You can store tools in your garage and allow it to double as a workshop when you wish to do home projects to build, craft, or design new things for your home.
  • Drywall and insulation helps keep your air conditioning or heat from working overtime to heat your garage if it is a room you don’t use for anything except parking vehicles
  • Can help protect your garage from the growth of unwanted mildews and molds that may be damaging to your health, especially if you use your garage for secondary uses or purposes (spending a lot of time there).
  • Finishing off your garage can provide another way to keep unwanted critters and creatures from calling your garage home during the hot or cold months of the year.

These are a few more great reasons to finish off a garage remodel in your home. Protecting your home helps you ensure that your home will be livable for many years to come. It can also help you ensure that you are getting the most out of the space that your home has to offer.