Which Windows are the Right Fit For Your Rental

When you are choosing windows for your rentals, there are so many choices that it can seem overwhelming. Finding the windows that fit your needs can be challenging, and sometimes frustrating. The following are a list of things to consider when choosing the windows to use in your rentals:


The price point is key for many investors when they are upgrading windows in their rentals. The more expensive the windows, the more expensive it is to replace all the windows in a rental property. The higher the cost the investors have when maintaining the property, the higher the rent has to be for that unit in order for them to make a profit. Investors look to keep the costs low as possible, so choosing windows on a budget is key to keep costs in control. Most investors will go for a lower-to-mid priced option when selecting windows.


Consider that some energy-efficient windows can help keep the cost of your renter’s electric bill in check. Renters will appreciate the savings. The windows are also good to help the environment healthy. There are several companies that offer energy-efficient windows. It’s up to the investor to determine if these windows are an investment that they wish to make in their rental properties.


Consider the weather that you get in your area when installing the windows that you are installing in your rental property. If you experience sand, rain, wind, snow, etc. you will need different windows that are built to handle those elements of weather that you get in your geographic area. You will find that windows have different price points based on what kinds and types of weather they are meant to withstand


If you are looking for a “special type of window” for a rental property, you will likely end up paying more for those windows. Certain styles of windows like sliding windows, casement windows, fixed windows, picture windows, or bay windows. These windows all have different features and purposes that can raise the windows cost to purchase and install.


Certain windows that are structured to be double-glazed or double-paned are likely to be more expensive than the traditional builder-level windows. Consider the style and structures of the windows, you need and what price you are willing to pay for those windows. Other “extras” that can raise the price of you windows include windows made from fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl as well as having a “sash” that can be moved and tilted in.

Finally, make sure that you get the proper e-coating for the windows that you have purchased. Windows that have e-coating outside protect against heat are e-coated on the outside and those that protect against the cold are e-coated inside.


There is a lot to consider when installing windows in your rental property. Considering the types of weather that you get in the area where your rental is located is a great first step to choosing the right windows for your rentals. Keeping the cost down while choosing the right types of windows for the climate in your area will help you get the best return on your investments when it comes to installing windows in your rentals.